A few years ago, when I first ventured into higher-end products, NARS was one of the first companies to catch my eye. If I have to be honest, it was their packaging and branding that lured me -- they have a perfect balance of minimalist and chic that I love.

Over the years, they have sort of fallen out of my radar, and I haven't been mentioning them as much. So I decided to dig into my makeup collection, and rekindle this old flame.


What's To Love?

To me, NARS is one of those brands that I could do a "one-brand full face" with, because most of their products are solid. They have foundations, concealers, eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks -- everything you could need.

As I mentioned, their packaging is another selling point. NARS puts a lot of care into it, and every product feels sturdy.

For me, NARS was a great "gateway" brand into higher-end makeup. It's not intimidating, but it does feel like a step up for those coming from drugstore brands (or even mid-range brands aimed at a younger audience, like urban Decay.)

Favorite Products

Definitely their foundations. NARS Sheer Glow has, for years now, been my all-time favorite foundation. It has an incredibly shade range too, which makes it easier to find (or even create) the perfect shade. It has great coverage, but also looks very natural -- and i love how it looks mixed with tarte's maracuja oil (it's my "recipe" for the perfect dewy look.)

The second NARS product worth mentioning, and where I think they truly shine, is blushes. I have not, in any other brand, found blushes this pigmented and easy to blend. Everyone's favorite NARS blush seems to be Orgasm, but I'm a fan of Amour -- it's less shimmery, and perfect for any season.


NARS is a brand that holds a special place in my heart, and the first brand that I fell in love (I actually went through a phase where I bought so much of their stuff!) It's definitely a brand that I would like to "return" to, and rediscover.

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