Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. As the owner of one of these lil' cuties+, I thought I would address a question I get very often. How do you deal with all of that hair?!

Essentials For Avoiding Kitty Hair

There's a few things you will have to add to your life, if you want your white clothes and new spooky sweetheart to live peacefully -- cheap shirts, cheap towels, and lint rollers.

"Inside" Clothes For Kitty Time

The first item on the list is, basically, your new "inside" wardrobe. I have a couple of cute, trendy, "Instagram OOTD" outfits. Guess where I don't wear them? At home, where my cats are likely to jump on my lap.

Whenever possible, as soon as I'm know I'm home for the night, I change into comfortable clothes -- the kind that I can lounge around in, and not mind if they get a few hairs on them. Some options for this can be old band t-shirts from high school, or like in my case, old baggy shirts your significant other has discarded from his everyday closet. Just make sure these are clothes you don't mind washing more often than the rest of your more delicate laundry.

Keep Your Furniture Safe

The second most common question I get about having cats is "How do you keep them from getting hair all over your bed and couch?!"

There's a secret to that. At least with our two guys, we've realized that they love the feel of a towel and certain blankets. So they have a specific set of towels that are easy to set out by the foot of the bed or next to us on the couch. This keeps them off the expensive sheets and couch!

Lint Rollers Are Your New BFFs

We keep lint rollers everywhere. Around the house in every room, in the car -- and the more professional or fancy an appointment is, the more paranoid I'll be to take a mini one with me to use before heading in. It's something you have to get used to, but once you get into the habit, it becomes easier.

Accept The Inevitable

You can vacuum twice a week (we try to.) You can stash a lint roller into every corner of your house and car.

Inevitably, though, the reality of appreciating black cats is to appreciate that they have hair. And, sometimes, one's going to make an appearance on your new white blouse. In the middle of a job interview. It's gonna happen. They key is to relax, do your best, and enjoy all the good things your awesome four-legged companion brings.

+ Well, technically, two. But Dean is a "tuxedo" cat.